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02. Create a Profile

Creating a profile allows our stylists to understand you- and your hair- before your appointment so she can better prepare to give you Heavenly Hair.

03. Choose a Service

Choose your first service you would like. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to add more than one before finalizing your booking!

04. Book

Set your date, location, & time, and choose your preferred Glam Goddess.

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05. Prep

You don’t need to prep much because our Glam Goddesses do all of the work. Just make sure you have a designated space with a countertop and plugs for your stylist and if you’re receiving a blowout- a clean kitchen sink for your wash! (Don’t worry, we have an inflatable bowl so you won’t be directly in the sink.)
If you have any questions before your appointment or want to send any inspo, you can chat directly with your stylist on our app!

06. Get Glammed, Goddess!

Enjoy the Goddess treatment. You deserve it.